The Chief Instructor is
Dan McGraw, 51 years of martial arts, holder of Black Belts in several arts, a world-recognized Founder of a unique martial arts System - Fist Of The Black Panther (Kuro Hyo Ken Budokai) - registered in Okinawa.

McGraw's Laws
Common Sense Safety

Jujutsu & Karate for All Ages
McGraw's Martial Arts
61 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY
Corner of Niagara & Main Streets (main entrance on Niagara St.)

Classes available mornings and evenings.
Clean professional facility.
Plenty of parking.
16 Programs to fit your needs and goals.

Ages 4 and up.
Separate classes for children and teen/adults.
Focused on the individual.

Call 585-748-1018
to set up your initial appointment
to discuss your goals and schedule.

Ask about our New Member Starter Package.

McGraw's Martial Arts

Disciplines For A More Confident Life

Traditional Asian Martial Arts
have been providing  more focus skills,
                                 more self-defense,
 than any other pursuit
           in the history of mankind.

The first step is make your appointment. Doesn't your child deserve a chance to find out the life-shaping benefits? Don't you deserve it?

Youth classes are for ages 4 & 5, 6 - 12.
Teen/Adult classes are for ages 13 and up.

All classes are taught by a Certified (Adult) Black Belt Teacher.

All classes are coed.
We train barefoot.
We sweat. Politely, of course.

    Call today for Your Visit: 585-748-1018

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